Bitcoin Rises Possiblity rise due to Triangular convergence


Welcome to this updated analysis on BTCUSD Rises due to Triangular Convergence Let’s get right to it! 

It’s necessary to confirm the place of stay after one rising standard, large rise in 1 layout.
1. As of November 21, 2018, the residential property appears to play its role at today’s $ 4,740 price point. (Primary support line) 
2. November 15, 2018 Resistance property prices show the next resistance price range of $ 5,400 ~ 5,600. (Secondary resistance line) 
3. Confirm that the long-term downward trend line , which starts from the end of 2017, has risen. 

Check for new support lines as you escalate from rising triangular convergence. 
If you do a short deal, 

consider a new long position strategy as you reach the primary support line after the primary resistance line. 

long time and now breaks through the primary resistance line. 

Now, if you keep on the primary resistance line, weigh the possibility to the secondary resistance line. 

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