[Long]RavenCoin[RVNBTC] Bullish Potential (250% PP)


Ravencoin (RVN) Overview 

Ravencoin is a peer-to-peer blockchain, handling the efficient creation and transfer of assets from one party to another. 
But the biggest signal of all is the bullish divergence marked on the MACD. (Considering the big increase in trading volume ).

Here we can see that RVNBTC is bouncing from its all-time low, which was hit in October 2018. As soon as this price level was hit, we saw the early signals (above) for a change of trend.
You can spot strong bullish divergence as well. The MACD moves up while RVNBTC price goes down, this is marked with red lines on the chart. 
Volume is starting to increase but still not enough. These are early signals. 
I believe that Ravencoin will soon move… For this reason, we should trade this coin. If RVNBTC holds support line it can generate a strong 250% Profit.

We can buy this coin with target at  0.000001097 

1.) 0.00001096 
2.) 0.00001648 

We can STOP AVOID/LOSS at 0.00000760 


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