Neblio[NEBLBTC] Goes Bull Run Mode (100% Profit)


Welcome to this updated analysis on NEBLBTC Let’s get right to it!

After a long period of consolidation, Neblio ( NEBLBTC pair) is showing hints of upcoming bullish action. 

Take a look at the chart above. All the Moving Average lines are coming together, and they are being challenged in one single candle. To the downside, if not enough momentum is garnered, NEBLBTC would go back and retest 0.000286. A close below this level would push Neblio to further consolidation before it tries again to move up.
if this bullish roll in, maybe NEBLBTC  will break resistance and reach 0.00003100  bullish flag projection may generate a clean 100% Profit.
We can buy this coin with a target at  0.000003100 

1.) 0.00003100 
2.) 0.00003723 

We can STOP AVOID/LOSS at 0.00002641 

This information is to be used for educational purposes only

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