STORJBTC Massive Potential (500% Profit Potential)


Welcome to this updated analysis on STORJBTC Let’s get right to it! 

We can buy this coin with a target at 0.00003922

1.) 0.00003922 
2.) 0.00004701 

We can AVOID/STOP loss at 0.00003236

STORJBTC went ahead and made a 200%+ profits impulse move… 
The market moves in cycles. There are large cycles and small cycles, we have cycles within cycles and all sorts of variations. 
To put it simply, we share it likes. Wave up, wave down, wave up, wave down… simple. 
So we had this strong wave up that started back in January/Early Feb. This wave ended and we had the 4.5 months I just mentioned, which was the retrace. 
Keeping it simple. We had the wave up, followed by a wave down… What comes next? That’s right, another wave up. 
So when we see this breakout after 3 failed attempts to move higher, a full-blown correction and a strong bounce at support, we no longer need to look at the MACD, RSI, or TD sequential, we know that STORJBTC is getting ready for some more. so if STORJBTC can hold the support line 0.00003922 then it could rush up to 500% Profit. 

This information is to be used for educational purposes only, If you are a beginner trader, please check the normal trading as this is high-risk and can easily produce a loss. We share many, many trades that are basically risk-free. 

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